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Born and raised on the Sunshine Coast. Raylea Willersdorf has lived her entire life here, initially in the hinterland and now a current resident of the ever so popular Sunshine Cove. After international travel Raylea loves calling the coast home.

Raylea has witnessed first-hand the development of our home from a sleepy village into the thriving community it is today.  Some of the key developments that stand out were the transformation of The Sands Shopping Centre to the Sunshine Plaza and so many more.

From an early age, Raylea had engaged in a successful career in sales and marketing until motherhood was upon her. Whilst bringing up her now teenage daughters, she discovered a passion for art and became an award winning artist.  Not only did she find her creativity, but successfully sold all of her original pieces. Over numerous years, she exported countless pieces interstate and internationally. This was a rewarding business allowing her to earn a healthy income, while being flexible with a then young family.

From the mid 90s, Raylea was involved as an owner of a large manufacturing company supporting the local community in providing some 60+ employment opportunities to the local area.  Her role in this position again called on her valuable experience in sales and marketing sector where she is always most comfortable.

With a wealth of local knowledge in sales and marketing, management and a passion for interior styling and art, combined with a love for life, Raylea is confident she will achieve a positive result for you.
Until we meet again…