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We sponsor the following groups

The Board Meeting

The Board Meeting Surf Charity was started in 2005 by a group surfers looking to help Sunshine Coast kids with disabilities through a variety of surf-related events. Run completely by a dedicated group of volunteers and supported by the local business and surfing communities, the charity raises much-needed funds for families who have fallen through the cracks of Government support, are doing it extremely tough financially and have children with needs those of us with healthy kids could hardly fathom.

To date The Board Meeting has raised in excess of $750,000 and every single dollar has gone to the local families we support. All operating and administration costs are absorbed by our wonderful committee and sponsors. This proves without a doubt that surfers have big hearts when it comes to helping out those in the community.

Whilst we have helped over 200 kids already, there are always more families we can help.

Jenny has spent many years giving her time to charities and the community.


Why does Jenny McEvoy want to help ‘Sun City Soccer Club’?

It is very rare in today’s society to find such an amazing sporting club. They are an amazing club who clearly demonstrate integrity, ethics and healthy competition into our children.

An example of this, was when they played Montville. The Montville competitors, didn’t have enough children to play, so Sun City players joined forces with Montville and they all played their match. Truly incredible altruism, goodwill and kindness towards fellow competitors. Not seen much in our world today.

Leon Howe the president has started an initiative to enable under privileged kids to play sport.  The sponsors help ensure this occurs. It costs money to buy bags, uniforms and attend sporting games and some families just don’t have the money and their children miss out on this opportunity. That is where the Get Started Voucher program helps. He doesn’t care what type of sport kids play, however he believes that all children should be able to play and have fun. It helps the children keep fit, work as a team, have fun and make lifelong friends, and most importantly understand  it’s great to win, but whether they win or lose, it is important to do it in an honest and sportsman-like manner and to enjoy themselves.

How does Jenny McEvoy provide support Sun City Soccer Club?

In order to provide financial help. Jenny will donate 10% of her earned commission from referrals by the club. This will be used by the club for anything they may need. She will also offer a discount for families and friends.

Jenny actively promotes Sun City Soccer Club when meeting new people moving into the area or are living locally. She lets people know of  the Get Started Program.

Get Started Vouchers is an initiative to provide up to $150 to eligible children and young people, to help pay for sport or recreation club membership and/or participation fees through registered clubs.


Why does Jenny McEvoy want to help ‘Beautiful You Program’?

She is currently working to provide support for ‘Beautiful You Program’, which helps women and families living with Cancer.  Cancer is such a large part of our society and almost everyone has been touched by this disease. Jenny has personally experienced the loss and suffering of family, and has a personal appreciation on just how emotionally this takes its toll on loved ones. Jenny took time off her property career to provide care for her Auntie who had Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML), her grandmother died of breast cancer when her mother was only 6, and Jenny has also experienced melanoma and cervical cancer.

How does Jenny McEvoy provide support to Beautiful You?

In order to provide financial support, Jenny has offered to reduce her seller commission, and donate a portion of her commission back to ‘Beautiful You’. For any person referring family or friends or if they are thinking of selling themselves.  Just mention that you have been referred through the ‘Beautiful You’ program, it is a win/win for you both.

Jenny has been working with Debbie Clayton to help find a retreat for ‘Beautiful You’ and we are getting close to the perfect solution.

Jenny consistently promotes the ‘Beautiful You Program’ to every potential buyer and seller she meets. ‘If there is anything they don’t wish to keep on their move, ‘Beautiful You’ would very much appreciate any donations to support their cause’, this has demonstrated great results as many people are dropping off unwanted items


Club Mooloolaba

Jenny helps sponsor the Mooloolaba bowls club by sponsoring the Friday and Wednesday night raffles. The money raised from these raffles provides valuable support to the club. The raffles raise money for anything they may need.

Jenny also offers financial assistance to the Mooloolaba Bowls club by offering a discount to members and a portion of her commission is donated back in to the club.

Unless Jenny is signing up a sales contract, you will see her selling raffle tickets every Wednesday night for the 100 club. Something she really loves doing.

Mooloolaba Bowls Club was established in 1949 with its present clubhouse, and facilities opened on the 2nd of May 1966.

Recently, the club has undergone a major transformation and now boasts better facilities, brand new function room, an over-sized corporate conference room and air conditioning throughout. Club Mooloolaba is now the most modern and contemporary bowls club on the Sunshine Coast.

The Snapper Restuarant boasts quality, tasty, fresh food at reasonable prices. Lunch menu is exceptionally priced also.

Club Mooloolaba features an outdoor bowling green ideal for barefoot bowls on warm summer afternoons and two undercover state of the art synthetic greens that are home to regular tournaments and party bowls events.

The club has plenty of entertainment options, with live entertainment every Friday night including monster raffles and the 100 club on a Wednesday night with a large selection of prizes and a jackpot.